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Our dogs love Doug! They look forward to playing with him when he dog-sits.

Doug is always happy to see Jacques & Louis, & is a very reliable & responsible.

Thanks to Doug for keeping our pups happy & safe!

Marion Church

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Our dog Forest has fear aggression and does not trust a lot of people. Doug has been so understanding of who he is as a dog and has been patient with him as he gets used to Doug. We often stress about Forest with other people because of his behavior, but Doug has been great with Forest we feel comfortable with him taking care of our dog while we go away with our family to Disneyland. It is a huge relief and we feel fortunate to have someone reliable and trustworthy to walk and dog sit Forest.

Julie Stanton

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

“My wife and I have been working with Douglas Koehler and PawsUptivity for a while now and if you are like us and consider your pets as part of your family, you’ll know that only the best and most trusted people can care for them, when you are not able. Enter Doug, his friendly demeanor, experience with animals and caring attention to detail won us over instantly but it is the reaction our dogs have to him and how happy and healthy they are when we return from vacation or work travel, that is the most telling. What Doug offers is peace of mind. The reassurance that your family members are being cared for as well as, if not better than, you would care for them yourself! In our three dog household there are puppy rules, senior medications and a regular schedule of exercise. Doug ticks all the boxes and evens sends us photos of what our three have been up to for the day. I would strongly recommend Doug and Pawsuptivity to anyone looking for a trustworthy animal professional who will care for yours as he would his own. Thank you Doug, it has and continues to be, a pleasure having you in our lives.”

James & Krista Gibbs

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

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Douglas Koehler


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